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Affirmations for Teenagers and Tweens

Sue Lansdown - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Affirmations help to improve self-worth and self-confidence by replacing negative self-thoughts with positive self-thoughts.

Affirmations are conscious thoughts that you repeat to yourself. Often thinking can feel automatic, and sometimes your thoughts may not be as positive as they could be.

Worry makes you feel stressed and/or bad about yourself. When your thoughts become negative it is hard to feel good about yourself, or others.

It can be very useful to become more conscious of what you are thinking about yourself. By being conscious, and catching the thoughts you have as you think them, you can learn to recognise what is healthy for you and what is not.

Peachface as an Australian Skincare creator promotes inner beauty concepts such as positive self regard and the use of affirming self talk.  Our natural skincare products are known as the best moisturiser for teenage and tween girls.. please feel free to contact us for any skincare advise, we love to talk skincare and beauty....  

try a positivity pamper session

Sue Lansdown - Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wake up ready for another day of richness. Imagine your shower time is a way of pampering your self. When you jump in the shower this is your time for you to treat your self kindly and beautifully. Whether that is to say kind and generous things to your self about the way you look and feel. Feel into your body, come out of your mind and see that this is your body, this is yours and to love your body is to love your self. 

This body is yours for the entirety of your life. Something as regular and ordinary as taking a shower can set your day up beautifully, or finish the day off sweetly. Concentrate on the voice that is in your mind, don’t allow it to tell you anything other than you are perfect in what ever shape, colour, size you come in, you are uniquely you. Love yourself beyond your own judgements. Our own judgement of our self is the worst one of all. As you know, what others think of you is nothing to do with you their thoughts and opinions are about them. 

So this shower becomes a ritual use only natural and organic products don’t allow chemicals to soak in to your beautiful self. Peachface creates natural and organic products, our natural organic body wash all about me body wash is simply scrumptious. It is designed to support your skins natural environment, it does not strip away important oils and leave your skin starving for moisture, it cleanses and moisturises all in one. 

Your regular morning and evening ‘positive body pamper session’ is also the perfect time for you to give your face its nurturing cleanse, use the peachface teen or tween skincare routine: starting with our natural and organic cleansers suitable for teenagers and pre teen girls. Our natural and organic teen cleanser is sweet n sassy cleanser and our tween cleanser is sweet blossom cleanser. Both gently cleanse whilst also supporting your skins natural condition. All made from organic and natural ingredients created for adolescent girls. 

Use the peachface facial scrub whilst in the shower too, just have it there so you can reach it easily, our shine on facial scrub is gorgeous, it exfoliates your skin leaving your complexion feeling and looking so much more sparkly. Your true radiance comes from loving yourself from the inside out. 

Continue with your skincare routine, tone, moisturise and if you are having some trouble with pimples top your routine off by using in my dreams night clay. 

You are worth it. You are important your true self is not what you look like but what is in side of you. That’s why loving your self is so important. 

All of the peachface natural and organic skincare products have positive affirmations on their labels. Remind your mind to concentrate on positive thinking as often as you can, just repeat an affirmation over and over to your self. 

Check out the positive affirmations on our peachface website, choose an affirmation that you can believe in about your self, if it doesn’t feel easy “fake it till you make it” by repeating an affirmation over and over you can replace any negative self thinking. 

Remember you are worth it !!!! :)

3 steps with TLC to clearer skin

Sue Lansdown - Thursday, September 22, 2011

how do use my teen skincare routine, keeping it simple from the start 



take the time each day to care for your complexion with peachface sweet n sassy cleanser. In the evening cleanse your skin to remove excess sebum , with a dab of cleanser and some warm water clear away your night and feel refreshed and calm. you will find that not only will you feel refreshed and awakened by the combination of skin calming and emotional balancing essential oils you will feel so positive and ready for anything when you are reminded 'I am good at being me'


your night cleanse is really important as through out the day your face collects grime, pollution, excess oil, dead skin cells and clergy make up. Use sweet n sassy cleanser to clean and support your skin. Remember that sweet n sassy cleanser is brilliant as a make up remover. It cleans but it does not strip your skin of its natural protective oil. 

and remember as a teenager a gentle natural cleanser can positively effect skin prone to acne, pimples and blackheads.


after you cleanse at night before bed and in the morning when you get up take your peachface adorable toner and spray it on to your face you can take a cotton wool bud and wipe the residue left over fro cleansing off or you can pat dry with a towel. Toning with adorable toner is another layer of protecting, an extra cleanse and balancing with its refreshing floral fragrance. read the container and remember 'I am facing life with love and joy' affirmations for teenagers really do work, change your habits to thing positively about yourself… your skin will glow from the inside out!



at night and in the morning before finishing your skin care routine take your peachface moisturiser , you will be either using peachface bee so happy moisturiser gel( for oily skin types) or full bloom moisturiser for (normal to dry skin types). This is the fun bit and the finish of your simple skincare routine take a small amount of your chosen moisturiser and gently and lightly spread it all over your face. With peachface's moisturisers you will smell of certified organic honey , rose,  lavender essential oils the results are simply gorgeous. The teen affirmations  on  bee so happy moisturising gel 'i can be anything i set my mind to' and full bloom moisturiser 'i love and i accept myself'…… true 

for tweens the basic 3 step skincare routine is the same instructions but using 

1 sweet blossom cleanser

2 refreshing toner

3 honey bee moisturiser